2013 More Than A Calendar

“We don’t know about you, but we reckon that there is something very cool about having a Dub calendar to plan the year’s show season on.  In fact, with so many shows and meets already booked in for the 2011 season, having somewhere to keep yourself organised is probably more important than ever before!  Which is why we’re so pleased to announce that PVW contributor and all-round US hero, SDOBBINS Photography has just put the finishing touches to its new 2011 calendar.  Featuring 12 heavy hitting cars, from Walt Flores’ 500whp Vaporado and Nicul Harkison’s bagged Passat CC, it really is a must for your garage or workshop wall.”

~Performance VW Magazine, December 2010

As seen in the December 2010 & 2011 issues of Performance VW Magazine!

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What was formerly known as the SDOBBINS Photography VW/Audi Calendar has been reinvented for 2013 with new, never-before-seen features to help VAG enthusiasts everywhere!  While from the outside the only visible difference is its dimensions (the 2013 More Than A Calendar is an inch wide than previous years), the newest generation has a lot more to offer than just a bigger cut!
With photos from both Anna Taylor and Sam Dobbins, the 2013 MTAC exhibits cars from across decades, styles, and borders (within North America, of course), not to mention the entirety of our first full year as an established business.
In addition to 12 new cars to distract you throughout 2013, the new calendar has followed the classic More Than More fashion by taking it one step further!
The 2013 More Than A Calendar has collaborated with some of the community's favorite events around the United States, providing our loyal customers with a quick and almost-effortless method of tracking their favorite events.  It's quite simple really...
•Sign up for the More Than More Newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram (@morethanmoreusa) to be alerted of our associate shows' dates being announced
•Peel the corresponding sticker out of the back of the calendar and place it on the correct date's square
•Count down the days until each great event!
We're proud to announce that New England Dustoff, Staggered, Southern Worthersee, Cult Classic, Euro Hangar, VAG Fair, First Class Fitment, Broke Down, and Gengstout's are all involved and you'll be able to track their events with ease with the new calendar! http://www.morethanmore.com/newsletterhttp://www.facebook.com/morethanmoreshapeimage_11_link_0shapeimage_11_link_1